Yeah, indie kids all look the same.
But so do all emo kids, scene kids, ghetto fab. kids, american eagle snobs, hardXcore freaks, granola hemp queens, preps, jocks, posers of all sorts, etc.
If you find something you love (music, fashion, etc.) then you stick with it.
Most Indie kids are "indie" cause they have their own style/fashion, just like the bands they listen to (not having a huge record label).

Lay off, fuckers.
Get a life; find something you love and stick with it.

(enter thrift shop)
joe: hey man, how's it going
indie kid: i'm good, let's check this shit out.

(joe comes across cool printed tee)
Joe: you like this?
indie kid: yeah, and it's only like 3 bucks. do it up.
joe: but it doesn't look really cool.
indie kid: who the fuck cares, u like it, it's 3 bucks. so buy it.

by .zimma. August 18, 2006
a teenager (usually) who prefers smaller bands too huge sell-out stadium rockers. Nowadays known for stage invasions and energetic bands. Generally thought of as an new thing, but has actually got roots to the eighties with the Smiths and Joy division etc. Wear small shirts and skinny jeans generally but you get variants as diverse as charity shop and the like (Larrikin Love example) and smart blazers and suits (Maximo Park). Called Indie as they like individual music and try to DIY everything.
Indie kid: I love Shut Your Eys and You'll Burst Into Flames and have tickets for their next 13 gigs.
by -indie-kid-- September 24, 2006
a teenager or young person who listens to independant music. they dont necessarily only listen to indie music but they still do to some degree. unlike what some other definitions say, an indie kid doesnt have to fit a certain description, as long as they listen to indie music.
I listen to some independant music, I guess I'm kinda an indie kid
by tothebangbangboogy February 20, 2010
This is just an opinion. Some people have these characteristics but aren't indie. A label isn't who you are, but puts you in a group if the population needs to be sorted based on culture.
Indie Kids are the witty, sarcastic, creative minded thinkers who listen to music that is not on the top 40 or on any radio station. Their way of thinking is different and anyone who isn't as deep as them probably will not understand them.
Indie Kids aren't robots, they have different personalities.
Indie boys usually wear cardigans or sweaters to keep warm, becuase of little body fat. They wear beanies, not because they look cool (most of the time), but because they usually just roll out of bed. They tend to wear moccasins, because well, it's a trend. Though they "don't follow trends," they still are human and following trends is human.
Indie girls usually wear stylish clothing, that resemble 60's hippies, but they shave their legs and arm pitts.
The Indie are very deep people, who appreciate memoirs, and non fictions. They like dry humored movies that most haven't seen, as well as documentaries.
Indie kid's probably don't even know they are, they just fall under this label, since Indie is a music genre, and music is such a big role in peoples lives, it became a steriotype.
I am an innocent bystander, and I don't think I am an indie, but who knows (see above), I just happen to know how they are because of my art school I attend, and my lovely indie boyfriend.
None Indie: "Ouch, what did I trust trip on?"
Indie Kid: "Sorry, let me move my vinal records"

None Indie: "I love Owen Wilson! He's so great."
Indie Kid: "Yeah, he did really well in the Darjeeling Limited"

None Indie: "What's that whistle noise?!"
Indie Kid: "Oh, it's ready. Would you like some hot tea?"

None Indie: "What do you consider a romantic date?"
Indie Kid: "A trip to the art museum, then taking the bus to my favorite diner."

None Indie: "I thought you were giving me a mix CD?"
Indie Kid: "I did say a mix tape."
None Indie: "I didn't think you literally meant TAPE."

None Indie: "So, what's your favorite color?"
Indie Kid: "I can't choose, there are so many beautiful colors in the world, saying just one would open up an even broader category, that's an unfair question."
None Indie: "So... your favorite color is?"
by observationist18 July 21, 2010
How is it possible to define an indie kid. This term indie kid is somewhat overused and individuals who profess to be indie are clearly conforming to mainstream culture. Indie is simply a term that is used in modern society to describe a red brick university student of the 1970s. They enjoyed wearing clothing that was not over ellaborate or attention seeking. There clothing collection was minimilast but often looked good because the rest of society were simply trying too hard to stand out from the crowd and in my opinion still do. They like discussing topics of an intellectual nature which include the arts, science, politics etc. There music taste is not pretentious just different with varying levels of obscurity. Idiots who spend time looking for obscure music on pitchfork are not indie. They are elitist and have no appreciation of varying musical genre's. There not better than the average person on the street but just more culturally aware and educated.

quite simply anybody who tells you they are indie are conformative and in the process are creating a paradox for the meaning of the word indie or independant.
1970s student (indie kid): Have you read lewis wolpert's new book on cell biology. It really simplifies such a complex field of biology.

Average person: Fuck off, your boring
by indieforlyfe June 23, 2009
the coolest kids at your school. but you don't know them because they are too indie. They are the kids who constantly have headphones in there ears and even though the teacher tells them to take them out. Indie kids have the most rockin' style, it's not too G, or to trashy it's perfect because it's simple and they don't go around reppin' all the big name brands.
that kid has headphones in, he must be an indie kid
by DarthMaul-ABBA-pikachu-Gamer August 10, 2010
ok so i know there are heaps of definitions on here but they're not all true.

maybe indie kids are interested in indie/alternative music because the lyrics and the songs are more meaningful or they just like them more. but that doesn't mean they spend the whole day online looking for unknown bands

a lot DO wear vintage clothes/acid wash jeans/headbands/... but not ALL.
i'm not saying that if you do you're just fake
but if you don't it doesn't mean you're not indie

being indie is more about appreciating the music and being yourself. not caring what other people think.
and indie kids generally don't like people who are trying to be indie because it's becoming "cool"
you can see the difference between a real indie kid who's just being themselves and a wannabe
wannabe indie kid: oh my gosh one of my indie friends sent me a really awesome song last night.
indie kid: cool. who's it by?
wannabe indie kid: this band.. called franz ferdinand or something?
indie kid: that's not indie you know. that's just a mainstream pop song that was given the label of indie by the record company
wannabe indie kid: what do you listen to then??
indie kid: umm.. bonaparte, auletta, black kids, late of the pier,...
wannabe indie kid: ...?
by indiemink June 29, 2009
indie kids are usually witty and sarcastic, they may come across as mean, but theyre really actually good people. If you ask an indie kid if theyre emo you will DIE. no joke, they will kill you for saying such a thing, because indies hate emos and hate it when people mix them up. They listen to bands most kids have never heard of, like arcade fire, spoon, vampire weekend, blur, etc. and wouldnt be caught dead listening to mainstream music. Theyre usually really smart but dont advertise it, and like to read. They are really original and dont hang out exclusively with indies, but they like to have at least one friend who shares their tastes. Music is a huge part of their lives, as is art. i acted like this even before i started getting called "indie" so trust me, i know.
Normal kid: hey lets listen to teach me how to dougie

Indie kid: are you kidding me? im sorry but that has no style, its just generic rap. we should listen to modest mouse.

Normal kid: nah thats crap

Indie kid: wow you dont appreciate music
by treblegirl October 12, 2010
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