Yeah, indie kids all look the same.
But so do all emo kids, scene kids, ghetto fab. kids, american eagle snobs, hardXcore freaks, granola hemp queens, preps, jocks, posers of all sorts, etc.
If you find something you love (music, fashion, etc.) then you stick with it.
Most Indie kids are "indie" cause they have their own style/fashion, just like the bands they listen to (not having a huge record label).

Lay off, fuckers.
Get a life; find something you love and stick with it.

(enter thrift shop)
joe: hey man, how's it going
indie kid: i'm good, let's check this shit out.

(joe comes across cool printed tee)
Joe: you like this?
indie kid: yeah, and it's only like 3 bucks. do it up.
joe: but it doesn't look really cool.
indie kid: who the fuck cares, u like it, it's 3 bucks. so buy it.

by .zimma. August 18, 2006
Mainly teenagers who all share a common love for the arts and music. They listen to many bands most people haven't heard of and tend to dress however they want, usually ruling out the rules of fashion. One may see these "indie kids" in a local coffee shop, art gallery, or thrift store. These people aren't "emo". They also tend to wear warm neutral tones as opposed to black. They are fairly reserved and tend to be open minded as well as opinionated.
here are some examples of what indie kids look like and listen to:
by Elisa Execution November 09, 2008
The Teens who aren't mainstream, listen to Indie and Alternative music, no defining clothing or style, can be anyone and look like anything. Ranging from hippies to social outcasts. Most people have a very narrow-minded veiw on Indie Kids because they don't necesserily like their music so they tend to make generalised and insulting comments about their clothing and what they do.
"Dude, is that guy listening to Faker?" "Yeah, he must be one of those Indie Kids"
by The Indie Kid November 11, 2008
Stop being ignorant. There is no DEFINITION of an indie kid. There are no specific guidelines, requirements, or strict definitive characteristics. Indie is a culture, a state of mind, and a never-ending quest for good music.
Indie is an appreciation of beauty, which is defined by one's own standards. The indie kid's concept of beauty usually does not involve mainstream music because popular music is often superficial, employing very basic chords and melodies, and the lyrics are rarely deep or symbolic. Indie people sense this lack of artistic depth in popular culture, thus seeking depth in alternate, more creative styles of clothing and music.
Although this observation does not apply to all indie kids, there seems to be a slight trend in the intellectual capacity of those involved in Indie culture. Many indie kids enjoy critical and analytical thinking, abstract ideas, and learning new things, often discussing "nerdy" topics among themselves. This is probably because intellect, creative ability and depth are seemingly linked, likely due to how one's brain has developed based on genetics and exposure to society, and which areas of the brain are innately most active.
Only "indie kid" stereotype: indie kids hang with other indie kids.
by Eliza Janus January 10, 2009
usually, really fucking smart. they can be pretentious, but they have the right since they're so smart. usually listens to obscure bands that arent on the radio and likes to read. although it represents th idea of being who you are, indie has become a stereotype in itself.
then there are kids who try to be indie, and they're really annoying. you can notice the difference between a real indie kid or a fake indie kid because indie kids dont go out of their way to prove they're awesome and listen to cool music. if it comes up in conversation they may discuss music but not try to shove it down your throat. on the other hand, someone who tries to be indie will use every given oppurtunity to rattle off an obscure band and prove how cool they are.
real indie kid: hey, how are you?
fake indie kid: i'm okay, the shins.
real indie kid: what?
fake indie kid: i said the shins, must of slipped out, they're like so awesome because i have the garden state soundtrack.
real indie kid: oh.
fake indie kid: yeah i listen to awesome music. i'm pretty awesome in myself.
real indie kid: fuck.
by sweetdealhomes May 12, 2007
Indie kids are pretentious and sometimes a bit cocky. But thats okay. They listen to indie bands, the more obscure the better. They're often seen sporting blazers, even when outside of school. They are pretty much the opposite of emo in a sense that they stick to a personal style. A lot of indie girls have fringes and wear obnoxiously bright lipstick. Most of them, despite their distance from the mainstream, carry around iPods. While other people are talking about how "sick the show was", they will be heard talking about how "annoying the singer sounded". A lot of them also seem to have a fascination with the United Kingdom and it's culture.
The Kaiser Chiefs? They're so yesterday, you wanker.
by the distant one July 21, 2005
An indie kid is a young person who likes to listen to, emulate the style of and attend shows performed by obscure, independant label music bands. The irony of the indie kid is obviously that his or her style is now popular among many youths and therefore not really independant. Anyway, defining a person by their tastes alone is stupid.
regular joe: "hey what are you listening to?"
indie kid: "I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness"
regular joe: "what???? what are you talking about?"
indie kid: "it's the name of the band"
regular joe: "oh haha...i've never heard of them"
indie kid: *smiles gleefully with the feeling of having obscure taste in music*
by arcaneidiocy June 20, 2006
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