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Pretty much like indie kids, but the britpop kids aren't too fussed about their music being 'non-mainstream'. Their bands of choice usually include Oasis, The Libertines & The Fratellis. Most of it is either soft electric or acoustic guitar, and the singers can actually sing.
Indie Boys usually wear jeans, which can be skinny (but not too skinny) or baggy, with an obscure band teeshirt and a bizarrely coloured hoodie and converse/dunlops.
The girls are divided into two groups, there's the indie vintage girls who wear things like tweed, a lot of fifties style things, long knee length socks, silk scarves and look incredibly expensive. The other kind dress more like the boys, with band shirts or just shirts with a cool logo, hoodies, skinny jeans and converse. The indie boy DOES NOT wear make up. The indie girl wears a small amount but not over emo eyeliner and never, ever lipgloss.
New rave is very influential over the indie stereotype and indie kids have taken on a lot of neon-techno-rave gear. Inspired by bands such as Klaxons, CSS, and Hadouken! the basic uniform remains the same except the hoodies become bolder and the girls wear a lot of neon eyeshadow. Large sunglasses (obscure only, mind) are also common amongst indie britpoppers.
Indie Britpop kid: Hey, you okay?
Wannabe Indie Kid: yeah. i totally dig your babyshambles tee.

later that night the wannabe goes home and downloads babyshambles' entire discography.

wannabe is not cool.
by India H May 14, 2007
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