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Also known as Circle City, I-Town, INDY, and The Heart of America. The capitol of "Indiana." Has been increasing in population to become a thriving "Urban City" and one of the largest cities in the United States (check census). Is known for its crime rate, hospitality, and for its low cost of living. Home of the Pacers, Colts, Indy 500, and the Black Expo.
Ignorant Bastard: Where is the corn?
Indy born: What do ya mean whurr is the corn?!? This is Indianapolis... 317 is whurr you at... no corn herre.
by Michael Johnson February 06, 2004
Indianapolis is an extreamly shitty city. I have family there and visit about once a year. Every house there is like 60 years old and looks ghetto as hell. The roads suck major ass, pot holes everywhere. Everyone drives like 25 mph because they are afriad their rusted out cars will fall apart when they hit a pot hole. Every vehical there more then 3 years old is completely rusted out and and ghetto as hell. The general population has no class, no job and are the scum of society. Crime is very high. Did I mention all the houses are old and ghetto as hell?
Get a job, paint your ghetto ass house, fix your roads, and get a new goddamn car! Indianapolis sucks!
by Jamie R.M. April 01, 2006
A sorry ass town in Indiana that:

1. Has alot of cornfields

2. Is boring as hell

3. Has a building (chase Tower) look like a penis w/ antennas

4. Looks like a giant suburb in search of a city

5. Has alot of Cocky, arrogant Jocks and ignorant wiggers

6. Has alot of redneck, white-bread, chicken shit maw fuckas

7. Has alot of stupid, white, backstabbin whores

8. Has mean black girls

9. Has raggidy ass roads

10. Has a football team that can never make it to the superbowl

11. Cheated it's way into the top 20 largest U.S. cities

12. Is not really a major city

13. Thinks they're better than Chicago

14. Has people who own large pick-ups and/or SUV's and speed down the freeways at 90 MPH

15. has no streetlights or sidewalks(except in downtown area)

16. Has a small downtown with nothing to do

17. Has over-reactive cops that thinks someone will crash an airplane into their small buildings or nuke their cornfields

18. Has a bunch of old, tore up ass houses that make westside chicago houses look new

19. Is full of pussies

20. Can go to hell

21. People even in Chicago don't know exists

22. Has fake ass niggas
Indianapolis sucks balls!
by 499587 November 23, 2006
A big nothing stuck in the middle of nowhere.
Indianoplace. Nuff said.
by steviedee May 26, 2004
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