Considered the "Cross Roads of America." It is known for basketball, corn, and racing, but is now known for football, running, and other sports as well. People from Indiana are called "Hoosiers" (see definition) and are percieved as sleepy red-necks (not always accurate). It is a very agriculturally rich part of the United States.
I am from the wonderful state of Indiana.
by Michael Johnson February 06, 2004
A state consisting of unnatractive men who live off the past, with tiny minds and even tinier doo-dads in their pants.
Nice to meet ya..Oh, Sooo..your from Indiana? *runs away briskly*
by Linda April 29, 2005
The dog's name. Your name is Henry Jones, Jr.
I named the dog Indiana.
by Dr. Henry Jones, Sr. June 28, 2004
A name for unsolicited spam from friends or acquaintances, usually of a political nature that often includes false information or undocumented facts. Often is sent months behind the first time you receive it; easily proven untrue via or most credible newspaper sources.
Hey, I just got an Indiana from your cousin telling me 10 reasons why Barack Obama is a communist gay Muslim.
#spam #political #email #forwards #indiana
by ftofficefuntime October 27, 2008
The Hoosier State. Calls itself the Crossroads of America due to its Central location in the Midwest and Great Lakes. Indianapolis is its capital and largest city (also the 12th largest in the U.S. in the city proper only). Other major population centers include the Calumet region next door to Chicago, Ft. Wayne, South Bend-Mishawaka and Evansville. It has a population of almost 6.4 million people and ranks 15th in population.

Indiana is a very pathetic place and a bad place to live in general. No part about it is even remotely progressive (although the city of Carmel, a suburb of Indianapolis, is really nice) when compared to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maryland, Northern Virginia or North Carolina. Even Indianapolis itself (ironically called Naptown) isn’t very progressive either when compared to areas like Austin, Texas or Raleigh Durham, North Carolina and the like—I’m a native of Indianapolis and even saying this. First, the state’s economy is very mediocre and antiquated. There are very few high-paying or high-tech jobs. The state has lost the most jobs of anywhere except for three other states. It has too many declining Rust Belt cities. Incomes are low and not growing much (perhaps this explains the affordable cost of living). At present, many large Indiana companies are either downsizing, merging with a larger out-of-state company, being bought out, leaving the state or just going out of business all together. In my opinion, this makes Hoosierville a terrible place to do business. Secondly, education is awful while SAT/ACT and ISTEP scores are worsening. Indiana suffers from the brain drain as the state’s young and educated leave the state for attractive job opportunities in other states and do not return (I am one of them). And IPS (Indianapolis Public Schools, the state's largest school district) has the nation’s second-highest dropout rate. Thirdly, the people are very narrowminded, unmotivated and don’t want to change. Perhaps that’s why the state is in its current condition. The people would rather bitch and moan and blame their politicians than get off their lazy duff and take the personal responsibility to change anything. Fourthly--and speaking of lazy, the state ranks among the top states for diabetes, heart disease, obesity and smoking due to the unhealthy and lazy lifestyle of Hoosiers. Who can blame them, because there are not really many opportunities to get out and enjoy nature? And fifthly, it takes FOREVER to get anything done from road construction, to building something, to passing legislation.

Indiana certainly won’t be on the Forbes list of “most educated,” “hippest,” “coolest” or “fittest” places. To sum it up, Indiana is nothing but a boring, lifeless cornfield hell with unmotivated and unhealthy people, with hardly any good jobs anywhere, and nothing to do. Indiana is the largest suburb of hell!
Indiana is about the sorriest place a human being could ever live or want to visit.
#hell #boredom #uneducated #unmotivated #unemployed #corn #farmers #steel workers #automobile racing #midwest #corn belt #rust belt #great lakes #hicks #basketball #hoosier
by krock1dk April 25, 2008
The Hoosier State. Calls itself the Crossroads of America. The epitome of "flyover territory." One of those Midwest/Great Lakes States with a very slow pace of life and too many declining Rust Belt cities. Indiana is almost nothing but a flat, dull, boring, drab, lifeless, cornfield hell. There are basically no large cities, but its capital and largest city of Indianapolis is the only city in the state to come even remotely close to being a big city. Indiana is about the only state (with the possible exception of Ohio) you will find a manufacturing plant next to a cornfield. It's abundance in boredom is matched by its many declining Rust Belt cities: Gary, Michigan City, South Bend, Kokomo, Muncie, Anderson and Terre Haute. Even Indianapolis proper, with the exception of the rest of the metro area, isn't growing much.

Indiana is very quaint and definately not Colorado or those mountain states. There is no geography or picturesque scenery. There is no mountains. No water. No shoreline. No beaches (beaches next to steel mills on Lake Michigan don't count). Nothing to do. No cool places to see, much less anything to write home about. No opportunities to get out and enjoy nature--that's why so many people are so fat. I don't like Michigan but at least it has opportunities to enjoy nature with its water, and it has a cool coolege town of Ann Arbor. I don't like Ohio either but at least it has 3 large cities: Columbus, Cleveland and Ciny. Columbus is quaint but sophisticated college town and Cleveland has the R&R Hall of Fame. Tennesssee at least has Graceland and numerous bars in Memphis while Nashville is the home of country music and the Grand Ole Opry. Illinois at least has Chicago, America's 3rd largest popuation center and an awsome world-class city. At least Pennsylvania has neat, historical Philadelphia. And at least Georgia has Atanata, which is quickly becoming an international center. But Indiana has NOTHING!!

It's 6.4 million Hoosiers (14th in population for some reason)as its people are called are also, fat, stupid, antiquated and unhealthy. Indiana consistently ranks among the worst states in education and ACT/SAT scores. Most people, like me, leave when they graduate from college, creating the brain drain. They leave because there are no descent, much less good-paying jobs for college graduates. The people are also stupid. They refuse to get out of their antiquated thinking to change anything, even when it behooves their state. They consistently yell about taxes that are wisely used to improve the state's antiquated roads. They routinely and ignorantly blame their good Governor for the good things he has done for Indiana is the past several years. Like I said, the people don't like any change, even when good. Hoosiers also have among the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and smoking. Hoosiers are also racist and generally talk bad about blacks (who comprise 12% of the state) and Hispanics, especially Mexicans.

Like I said, Indiana is good for nothing and is a dull, boring, drab, lifeless cornfield hell. IT is a terrible place to live in general. I grew up there until I was 23 when I found a good job, and will NEVER return. Good riddence. If only I could get my family out of there.
I grew up in Indiana for 23 years and can say, with confidence, that it is among the worst states. I don't know how/why people can live there. Only Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska are worse.
#hoosier #midwest #great lakes #rust belt #cornfield #cornbelt #boredom #drab #lifeless #hicks #basketball #auto racing
by krock1dk February 14, 2008
1. The act of constantly complaining about your state rather than getting off your fat, lazy ass and doing something to make it better.

2. The act of constantly Complaining about absolutely everything, even the good that will benefit their state.

3. Ignorantly complaining their state is the worst while not realizing it is average; some states are worse and some are better.

4. Ignorantly complaining of the alleged “lack of jobs,” while not realizing it has faired better than other regional states.

5. Refusing to adapt to change even for the better.

6. Ignorantly complaining about the alleged “lack of jobs” while also complaining when a corporation wants to expand in the state.

7. Blaming the good Governor for everything, even the good.

8. Blaming the Governor for your personal shortcomings.

9. Blaming the Legislature for your shortcomings.

10. Constantly Complaining about the poor quality of roads while also complaining about road construction to improve them.

11. Constantly complaining about Daylight Savings Time when most of the country experiences it.
Indiana residents constantly complain about anything and everything, even when it is good, as if they don't have a life. They are usually the first to complain about their state rather than getting off their duff and doing something about it. They are often ignorant and think Indiana is the worst state in the country, while actually being very decent and very average.
#whine #moan-and-groan #complain #ignorance #apathy
by krock1dk December 02, 2007
State in the midwest. Largest export corn and the christian coalition. Embaressment of all youth who reside in state. State featuring such notable cities as Gary Kokomo and Indianapolis. See Kokomo for definition of racism.
Gee I'm so Imbarresed to live in Indiana. Kokomo was the site of the largest KKK gathering in history.
by my name August 09, 2004
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