The phrase used to describe sexing where creamed corn is inserted into a females vaginal cavity.
"Hey Tim! I heard you've been having a lot of indian summers lately."

"Yeah, it makes my dick feel good."


"You know what I'd like Jaquasia? A nice indian summer, I like when your vagina feels like vegetables."
by timtimyep January 26, 2010
Top Definition
A period of warm, dry weather following the first killing frost of autumn.
After the cold snap, a pleasant spell of Indian summer weather allowed us to finish building the backyard deck.
by David Bassler April 28, 2006
Warm spell in autumn.

"Indian" meant "false" by racist colonialists.

See Indian giver.
Thanks to the Indian summer, I'll be playing softball with my family on Thanksgiving.
by AbnormalBoy May 24, 2004
A summer spent doing what an indian does, being unemployed and drinking non-stop. This is most commonly done by College students during summer vacation.
Guy 1: Hey dude, where you working for the summer?
Guy 2: Up in Fort Mac, 20 bucks an hour! You?
Guy 1: I'm gonna have me an "Indian Summer"
Guy 2: You lucky bastard
To spoon creamed corn into a woman's vagina, one kernel at a time.
"I saw some cream corn coming from that girls panties! Must have been an Indian Summer!"
by CraneBass January 26, 2010
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