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Scientifically proven that Indian dick is the smallest anywhere on the planet, so small that it made headlines in a BBC article: 'condoms too big for Indian men'. Google it.

Indian men are constantly the laughing stock in their own neighborhood region where Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi men make jokes about the Indian men for their little tool.

The Indian dick is so small it is commonly mistaken for the little native Indian pepper; Naga Bhut Jolokia.
Lady at DMV: Sorry, sir, you are not eligible for the disability placard.
Indian man: But I have the indian dick, it's very small!!!
Lady at DMV: -calls security- get this guy out of here.

Security: Move on pal. -drags Indian man off-
Indian man: BUT I HAVE THE INDIAN DICK!!!!!!
by AngloWarrior June 22, 2012
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The act of having sex with a girl who is on her period. After the deed is done, you look at your cock and it covered in blood. Red like an indian's dick
DUDDDDDDDEEEEE, I totally got indian dick fucking my girl last night HAR HAR HAR
by Nick98324324 February 09, 2008

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