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A charter high school open to the public that is located in Kenosha, Wisconsin on the original site of - tada! - an indian trail to nowhere. Stuck between a wonderful industrial park and newly-built condos - Indian Trail offers a fabulous view of a field.

The fun never ends when you attend this school - you can choose to specialize in business, biotechnology, or communications - which do jack shit for you in real life like balancing your checkbook or understanding mortgage rates.

It boasts numerous technological advances not present in other high schools, none of which the students are allowed to touch because they might break them.

Field trips are geared towards the area of specialty that you chose and often involve your teachers banning you from ever going on them again - such as the House of Business Class of 2001's trip to the Black Holocaust Museum.

Due to the emotional trauma of attending a charter school and the increasing levels of hormones in teenagers, it is also known as "Suicide High" nowadays by current students.

It also has a tiger for a mascot yet does not have sports programs due to its small size, supposedly.

The design layout will leave you mystified as it magically has no doors on the classrooms, which is very hard to explain to someone who is not alumni.

All in all, it is a great choice for children who wish to NOT go to Bradford, Tremper, or Reuther for any reason - including but not limited to - high drug use, rampant teenage pregnancy, and gang associations.
Tommy: I go to Indian Trail Academy.

Billy: I'm sorry.
by AprilB August 31, 2008
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