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When a man and a woman visit an Indian buffet, the act of overeating simultaneously inhibits the man's erectile function and removes both the man and the woman's sexual inhibitions. As a result, the man will often attempt to perform cunnilingus, but laden with spicy calories and swelled from his act of delicious gluttony, his oral sex act will trigger his gag reflex, causing him to half-burp, half-vomit steaming-hot chicken tikka masala into his lady-friend's freshly-shaven box. This is the Indian Hot Pocket, an unintentional, but extremely erotic show of post-buffet affection.
"Dude, I heard you got lucky last night after dinner! Did you totally lick her lunchbox?"
"Well, I thought I was going to eat her cookie, but I ended up giving her an Indian Hot Pocket instead."
"I'm really hungry all of a sudden. Are you hungry? I'm hungry."
by Guy Incognito, PhD. March 05, 2013

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