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closely related to a CCDSer but not quite as fucked up. most attend some sort of psychologist and are pumped full of massive amounts of prozac, zoloft or otherwise yet insist on engulfing massive amounts of alcohol on the weekends. they enjoy driving expensive cars, wrecking them, and buying newer, more expensive ones with daddy's money. drug use is prevalant but no one really gives a fuck seeing as how the indian hill rangers don't do shit about anything. they would rather party with the high school students than break anything up... but no one's complaining. the houses are the size of god and worth an average of about $1 million dollars. a family of four could live comfortably in most basements of indian hill homes. since most of the students at indian hill spend their weekends passing out at parties, large houses are good. the many rooms provide ample space for weekend hook ups and the plethora of bathrooms provides lots of places to throw up. the clothing of choice consists of north face, bebe, abercrombie and anything else made by underpaid migrant workers or asians. all girls own north face fleece jackets seeing as how none can think for themselves and all girls are so small because they smoke crack. they manage an appropriate weight because of the added pounds from the birth control they all take. how else can they stay baby free with all the weekend sex?
person 1: Shit, I was at this party in Indian Hill... Everyone was doing lines of crack in the bathroom. 4 sophomore girls were puking in a toilet. I saw like 20 drug deals go down. The dude was selling vicatin and his extra prozac. And some girl was crying because she threw up all over her louis vitton dress and then couldn't find her burberry purse. then everybody passed out. i heard a lot of beds creaking throughout the night though and everybody woke up and staggered downstairs naked. some idiot drove home hungover and crashed his Z3 into the back of a ranger's car, but nothing happened cause the ranger was on his way back from the party anyway.

person 2: Damn... those indian hillers are fucked up.
by burnout December 14, 2003
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(All that's been said is true, but maybe I can add some more)

~Indian Hillers reek of shallowness and levity. Unlike most people, they worry not about having enough money to survive, but about how they will spend their superfluous amounts of money they get from Mommy and Daddy. A typical Indian Hill girl thinks she's a model, tries to dress like one, and takes pleasure in buying belts that are worn over the belt loops (all this done with the most pleasurable bitchy attitude). A typical Indian Hill guy debates between a plethora of pastel polo shirts, whether to drive a Beamer or a Land Rover, and an assortment of cheap beer (because they're cool).

Indian Hillers refer to themselves as the high and mighty in society, but really exemplify the most dispicable remnants of old money. Never having to work for a living and thinking that money grows on trees (which amazingly it does in Indian Hill, they urge their parents to suck up the the rich grandparents for free trips and a fully paid-college education. Sometimes a lucky grandchild might get a brand new car!

Sadly, Indian Hillers subject their children to the same experiences of their own youth and the blood line of Indian Hillers once again remains. Eventually this will lead to a massive case of mental disorders as Indian Hillers will all be blood related, a severe case of incest having taken over.
Basically everyone who lives in Indian Hill minus the immigrants (as we're probably called).
by Glad to be out of Indian Hill December 18, 2003
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