When you tuck your erect penis between your legs and make it poke out just below your b-hole, the girl (or guy) sucks your dick while the partner's nose is suffocated in your b-hole. This way, she's tasting something good but smells like shit. Wa-la. Indian food.
Don't let the smell of Indian food fool you. It's filling.
#brown nosing #shit #indian food #indian #food #ethnic #fetish #surprise #blumpkin
by Alex Yarbrough December 18, 2007
Top Definition
The most awesome food in all of existance. Comes from India, which is awesomeness compacted into a country. Food there is made with innumerable delicious spices and is incredibly tasty and wonderfully aromatic. Secret ingredients routinely include liquid amazingness and powdered incredibleness, with a garnish of leaves from the fantastic plant.

Cannot be made properly (even a fraction as good as real Indian food) outside India, because of the lack of sheer awesomeness.
> Chuck Norris learnt how to Roundhouse kick only after eating Indian food.

> Barrack Obama powered his campaign with Indian food.

> Jesus Christ learnt how to perform miracles after eating Indian food.
#awesomeness #tasty #delicious #heavenly #godlike
by The Thing That Shouldn't Be March 15, 2009
A recipe for diarrhea.
I ate Indian Food last night and I shit a baby this morning
#indian #food #diarrhea #poop #shit #delicious #curry
by Kotosua April 20, 2009
When something smells ridiculously bad.
Did you guys catch a wif of that last fart, it was indian food man.
#nasty #smell #fart #gas #bad
by Dewy5785 October 29, 2007
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