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This is a recently discovered psychological illness which is starting to update the prognosis in the mental health journals today. It is an illness common mostly in America and is on the rise today.

This illness is developed when a PC user calls customer support and their call is funneled to a tech support group in India. After the caller is subjected to the nervous Indians, who guides them through performing functions with the "F" keys and menu options, and redundant task over and over again to solve their problem, the person becomes annoyed, not mostly because of the strong Indian accent, but just as much as not understanding what the shit is going on. The person with the P/C problem imagines themselves in a support group with the Indians, trying to imagine what they are systematically reading on their trouble shooting guide, so as not to have to go through the call again. Some try to write down the information as much as can be understood, praying that if it happens again, they will not have to call customer support. None -The -Less, after several long drooling minutes with customer support, the person develops a type of anxiety disorder paralleled with hypertension and lack of attention with the Indian tech to a point that the person becomes suicidal. After several attempts and several issues with their PC problems that now relies on customer support to solve it, much like Pavlov's Dog, the person with the PC problem uncontrollably starts a jerking motion, starts punching themselves, rolling their eyes and jerking their head, and cussing uncontrollably, swearing to never buy a PC from this company again.
Dude ! You got a Dell ! Be sure you download the India Tic Syndrome anti-virus program ! It's free, From dell !! lol !!!
by jeffbo July 27, 2009
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