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in the butt
I did her from the front, then I turned her around and got her indabutt.
by Nick D February 08, 2003
Leon Phelps' favorite word; describing the most precious part of the body located in the rear end of your body. The tunnel is wide enough to fit a semi rigid large object in it to force someone to have pleasure while screaming your guts out, due to little or no lubrication.
- What are your hobbies?
- Drinking heavy liquor and giving it Indabutt
by leon phelps March 17, 2004
an expression used to express the act of getting screwed over. or a term used to descibe girls who like getting fucked in the ass after "going on break" with their boyfriend
John:Damn, I lost my I-pod. I just got it too.

Nate:Yo, you heard bout that chick kaitlyn?
Matt: yeah i heard bout her. in da butt.

by spitmaster December 08, 2008
fucked him indabutt
he fucked him in the mouth and then he fucked him indabutt
by Ryan Kenney March 14, 2003
The way homo, ball on ball, but loving ass mongers like it... kiddy style... erahhh PENIS! BACKDOOR PENETRATION
Man, senora must really like it in da butt! She was such a douche bag today
by jesta :--> September 17, 2003
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