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1) Best used when fucking a girl in the missionary pose. At anytime during intercoarse shout, i cannot stress this enough, shout "HULK SMASH" and pound her titties in as if playing whack-a-mole. Only once, we need those things.
It's pretty self-explanatory how to "incredible Hulk that Hoe"
by Twat12345 October 09, 2007
When you are doing a chick from behind wearing a condom. Pull out a hose or a supersoaker and fill up the condom to the size of a large balloon (make sure you hold the condom so the water can't escape). When she starts to feel uncomfortable with the pressure yell I am Incredible Hulk! After you are bored with this, pull out leaving the condom in and watch the whole thing gush water.
There is an example of Incredible Hulk that Hoe in the definition.
by MikeBP February 08, 2008
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