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When some lame asshole thinks that if they post something overly-glorifying their boyfriend/girlfriend in a definition on UD to a point that the flattery makes you want to puke.

This is often done in an attempt to obtain a blowjob from a girl, or a bigger commitment from a man such as a wedding ring.
This, in reality is a misconception, for they're too damn stupid to hide it enough, or to even read what makes it on, and what doesn't.
"Jessica katey"

Definition: Oh my God she's the hottest girl on the earth, she's more beautiful than any goddess, and has a nicer ass than jessica alba.She is such a hot girl and she is totally sexy.

Example: She's hot, and I want to be with her forever :)

Guy editing: Fuck this shit is lame. screw this Incognito Bs, sad attempt at getting sex. Screw Jessica katey.
by IKilledTheParty February 19, 2010
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