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Trying to login to a social networking site yet remain in an offline mode, so as to avoid chatting with people you do not wish to talk to or to avoid questions about being online at 4 AM.
To avoid being ridiculed for my Farmville addiction, I quickly went incogneto by clicking the offline option on Facebook chat.
#net #facebook #incognito #hiding offline #online
by HeyBee October 15, 2009
The ninja's mouth Was incogneto from the Mask.
by Cracker October 13, 2003
A open source game in development at, The game is based on the Quake 3 engine.
Currently the game is still in development but a release is soon to be put out, how come the its not incognito? because all the domains were taken! plus incogneto is better.
#incognito #quake3 #quake2 #quake #games
by jabberthehut October 27, 2006
A famous old skool MMORPG player. He is known for his liking of ninjas.
Incogneto is the best mmorpg player ever.
by Jim Gralt January 07, 2004
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