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Freakin tight highschool in St. Louis with the best sports and females in town. Beats St. Joe every year and has way more spirit than them. #1 is basketball in the state. Everybody there is the shiz, and totally classy.
WHOA, did you see that girl from Incarnate Word Academy?! she was hella classy, smart, and good at sports.
by RedKnightWORD. December 01, 2010
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A school in downtown Houston with a really beastly cross country and track team.
Person 1: Hey have you seen those girls from Incarnate Word Academy run?
Person 2: Yeah. They're really beastly .
by Dandan1208 March 30, 2010
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An all girls catholic high school is St. Louis, MO.

know for being the best in sports, the best in partying, and the best in attracting guys.
also know for beating the lower-class St. Joseph Academy in every sport. (also know as the St. Joes Hoes.)

also, they rock jumpers (:
where do you go to school?

Incarnate Word Academy.

by IDUBBB September 07, 2010
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the girls who go to "Incarnate Word Academy" are the trash of all the girls highschools in st. louis.

These are the girls that pretty much embarrass themselves and every one around them pretty much all of the time. THey are have herpes and everyother std in the world. They also think they are good enough to be around de smet guys which is funny since the intcarnate girls are the scum of the earth.
and they think they are better than st.joe at sports... hahah joke since st. joe kills them. plus the st. joe girls dont have to worry about getting shot up every time they go to schoo.
hey its 8pm what you think the "incarnate word academy" girls are doing?
Ohhhh they are passed out by know.

Hey if you want to know where to get herpes just talk to incarnate girls!
by Lizzy Oaksssss November 12, 2010
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