Cuz cars aren't suppose to sound like fucking chainsaws. And front wheel driven cars do NOT need a wheelie bar!!
Look at every import wanna be racer and their stupid 4 inch exhaust tip.
by Allen Weber December 10, 2003
Top Definition
A cruel, but true phrase, used to degrade morons who think big stupid looking wings and shitty body kits look cool, and who think buzzing pieces of crap sound awesome. Isn't odd that only annoying "homeboys" who treat people (especially women) like crap drive these things?

- Isn't odd that only annoying "homeboys" who treat people (especially women) like crap drive these things?
by NON HOMEBOY December 06, 2003
term used by people who dont realize that lexus, bmw, audi, benz, ferrari, lamborghini, aston martin, etc ARE NOT AMERICAN CARZ
i say importz suck ass because i only drive a mustang...and not a ferrari.
by HATERZ SHOULD DIE September 07, 2003
Used by real men who know that a 3rd Generation Camaro doesn't weigh much more than a piece of shit Honda, but with a Big V8 in the Camaro, it will run over anything.
A 1984 Camaro Z-28 with a stock 305 motor, 0-60 MPH in 5.4 seconds
by Bubba February 21, 2004
All Honda S2000s look like shit, and don't even deserve to drive on American made roads. Get that import shit out of here.
Your Honda S2000 looks, sounds, and drives like a piece of shit floatin' down the river.
by importsblow April 03, 2003
Is a term by people that 8 cylinders is a better starting point for modding a car that with 4 cylinders. These are usually the people that understand there is no replacement for displacement.
Imports suck ass because when your asleep at 2 a.m. and hear some ungodly sound out in the parking lot reving up there engine.
by bfab December 01, 2006
People who think imports suck ass are among the smartest people in the world.
Id rather own a Camaro then any other import in the world, cuz imports suck ass.
by Americans are best November 06, 2003
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