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A small high school with around two hundred students located in Hamburg. Near Buffalo, NY. All Girls.

Private. Catholic. College Preparatory school.

Most teens who go their think it's a joke, and other high school think it's full of lesbians

The teens who go their are stupid, mostly, but they like to think they're all smart. Some even think that New York City and Buffalo are in a different time zone.

They look down on people who are different. Racist, homophobic, close minded people.

They have ugly uniforms. Although, some people who are skinny can pull them off.

Often called Skankulata, Dykeulata.
So you go to Immaculata Academy?


Do you like it?

No, I have to go there.

....are you gay?
by captaincuntknuckles April 09, 2009
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