someone that is an utter imbecile
fabienne malti (the only imbecile to have ever graced the planet)
by Bobichco August 13, 2014
People who use cool websites like this for stupid fuckin bashing presidents.
do I need to put an example?
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
people who insult the intelligence of a person in the white house.
Democratic trash talkers are imbeciles.
by uberliken April 06, 2007
RMK is the most intelligent human being I have ever read the definition of...

You're right, BUSH SUCKS DICK!
enough is said in the definition
by Drake January 15, 2005
Imbecile \Im"be*cile\, n.

Any person or persons who lend their support to the Canterbury Bulldogs rugby league team (Australia). The team itself is comprised of morons who are only outdone in the idiot stakes by their fans. There are NO exceptions to the rule!
"Tony, George and Lee are Bulldogs supporters, therefore they are imbeciles."
by The Australian Population March 16, 2006
A name given to those who bash the President of the United States.
Pedro: Gosh, Napoleon, look at those stupid liberals!
Napoleon: Yeah, frickin' imbeciles.
by AlabamaLlama May 04, 2005

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