Top Definition
whenever asked to go anywhere or do anything replys with " nah its not my scene "
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
Annoying Internet Bulletin Board User!
Here we go, another fucking Imatrukahs!!
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
Knob Jockey
I like to Imatrukahs Mike Rainbord
by Dan August 19, 2003
Someone who cant handle there drink
He's Ima'd!!
by PassionFord BB August 21, 2003
fooking drunken arsehole... loves attention.. hates socialising....
by Phil H August 20, 2003
sex god on legs, every woman needs a man called Ima.Hold on girls
by Ima lover August 24, 2003
Poor Engine builder
Who ever built that engine is a complete Imatrukahs....
by Gimp August 22, 2003
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