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A relative of hafiz's cat's 2nd cousin. Twice removed. Has a distinct unique appearance, and is professional at carrying people around. Very fast and quick witted, Imaqtpie's should not be under-estimated by their appearance. Able and keen, a typical Imaqtpie is able to analyze their surroundings, but they lack movement speed. Usually hunting at the back of the pack, the fur and hair of Imaqtpie enables it to quickly strike down enemies, but is unable to physically engage.
Hey! How are you! Are you really related to Imaqtpie? I heard that he's your cat's cousin!

No way! I wish. I don't think i can even find one! Haha no way!
I am the great tree of life. Do you mean Imaqtpie Usodo?
by The Great Tree of Life November 10, 2012
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