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The most beautiful and amazing girlfriend I could ever ask for. She has a smooth face and kissable lips, and she's crazy and funny. She can make you smile whenever you talk to her, even if you're really depressed. Her hugs are the best in the world.
I sure can't wait to see Imani
by f33rfact0r July 03, 2010
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swahili word meaning "faith", also the seventh/last day of Kwanzaa.
I need more Imani in my life.
by Setting the record str8 February 11, 2006
Something sexy, evil, and/or bad ass
Dude that trick was soooooo Imani~!
by di_chan94 August 31, 2008
The most amazing person in the world she is super pretty and really nice and she loves life she is never sad. She is smart, and very talented. She can be shy at times but is a great friend. Super hot :)
Imani is so hot wish she was mine.
by nothin but da truth November 17, 2011
A name as well as a principle of Kwanzaa, the seventh principle of Kwanzaa and the seventh day.
Imani means faith and belief and the male version of the name is Amani meaning harmony and peace.
Imani is pronounced ee-mah-nee and Amani is pronounced ah-mah-nee.
Both names are known better in english and Swahili speaking countries. Swahili is the origin of both names.
"Today is the seventh day of Kwanzaa, Imani"
"What's your name?
Oh, my name is Imani."
by Imani Ramos August 31, 2008
the DOPEST way of doing things.
did you see that shot he made? NOTHIN but IMANI!!!

WOW you got all A's? That's so Imani!
by imani tsunami February 06, 2008
Imani is that one girl who is willing talk to anyone. Her energy is unmatched and sometimes she doesn't know when to shut up. She laughs at everything and her smile can cheer others up. An Imani is a flirt, Her lively personality and sensual gestures are attractive to others. She may not be the smartest and logic can be somewhat flawed, but she can attract others with her words and surprising wisdom.
Imani would walk up to that guy and get his number.

Imani's laugh makes me laugh even harder
by Ashlyn2977 July 15, 2013
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