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One of the Baddest Females you will ever meet! Girl's with this name are usually very out spoken, but also classy. She may take your man so you better keep him cuffed, cause she usually has the ability to pull hard. Her body is in good shape, or for lack of a better phrase "BANGIN"! She walks in the room, heads turn, and necks break. She brings the twerkers to EVERY party and make the boys wanna wife her. she is a loely Lady and any boy would be lucky to have her! Wifey type and makes a good girl friend, a great friend, and always looks out for others.
Every boy want's a girl like Imana.

Girls hate Imana because she has all the guys.

Girl: Do you know Imana
Boy: Imana? The one with the big booty and Nice body?
Girl: Yeah, Her.

Imana is Gorgeous.
by AstonKusher April 26, 2011

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