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Someone usually known for good faith and skill, and are normally drawn to success. People called 'Imaan' are normally extremely 'sexy' and have very good looks. 'Imaan' is an Arabic name where its true definition means, 'hope' or 'faith'.
Wow!! Look how fine she is!! Her faith really speaks to me - she's a real Imaan!!
by IHeartYouuBabee January 06, 2011
noun- 1)creative ass with a purple obsession who is given da name iMaan (like iPod, iByte)
2) Person with relatively no common sense as she/he keeps calling herself/himself 'I man'. If you're a woman, then you're definitely reatarded. But if you're a guy, evidence is needed as actions speak louder than words.
1) "She must be a iMaan to buy that awful- looking purple furniture."
2)"Gosh...he's such a Imaan. Too bad he cudnt prove to his girlfriend that he isn't a homosexual.
by Dahdahadah March 15, 2009
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