1) Herita Ilunga, a football player for West Ham United.

2) Ilunga, a euphemism or code word for boobs.

For both uses, it is important to focus on pronunciation: I-LUUN-gaaaaaaaa
"Ilunga is a cracking player!" - about the footballer

"It's gone out to the wing to that fella...what's his name, Dilunga ain't it?" - Paul Merson trying (and failing) to pronounce Ilunga's name correctly

"I tell you what, that girl has a great pair of Ilunga's!" - using the code word in public

"Guess what, Boa Morte? Apparently after we left last night old Ilunga got to have a go on that girl's Ilunga's! You know, the one in the bar?" - West Ham United players discussing their team mate and using the code word
by Jankulovski March 23, 2009
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