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Better than Soulblazer, but not as good as terranigma.

Definition is too short? It can never be too short!
See Soulblazer, and Terranigma. And j00, and pwns. I had to add that.
by lazirus July 06, 2004

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illusion of time
An awesome RPG game developed by Squaresoft/Enix and released for the SNES. Its stars a boy names Will, who goes on a journey to find his father, using a flute as a weapon against dark forces that appear on earth. He is joined later by his friends Erik, Seth, Lance, a princess named Kara, and a flower girl named Lily. Will later finds out that his real mission is to stop a comet of evil from reaching the earth and forever turning it into a planet ruled by darkness.
Illusion of Gaia is teh 1337!
by PSisTEHsuxxors March 05, 2004