1. (n) A state full of extremely verbose people.
Please see all previous entries about Illinois.
by myrrrrrrrranda April 11, 2008
Illinois consists of two parts: Chicago, and the black abyss beneath it.
Chicago is known all around the world for producing many things, being windy, and the mafia.
But I’m not going to tell you about Chicago, you all seem pretty well-informed of it already. I’m going to tell you about …. Central Illinois. (“What? What did she say? There’s a CENTRAL Illinois?”)
The only reason I could see anyone ever coming here is there is moderately good school systems. Never mind the rednecks, terrible weather, and nothing to do—the schools are good!
Not everyone is a redneck, that’s an exaggeration. But there are a lot of people who have very distinct red-neck qualities. And don’t let me get started on the weather. The summers are dreadfully hot and the winters are freezing. I’ve grown up here all my life, and I’m still not used to it.
But there are … some good things. We’ve discovered you can make more money if you put “Lincoln” in front of anything. Hey, we’re the “Land of Lincoln,” why not?! We have a lot of nice parks, as an example one close to me: Lincoln Memorial Gardens. Lookie there, two of the things mention rolled into one!
The cornfields I grew up next to are constantly being cut up and houses are always being built, for we have such a good school system here everyone is just flocking in. For now, it’s a relatively nice place to raise you little ones. But in another ten, twenty years it’ll be vastly overcrowded. We’ll be like a new Chicago! Oh joy!
Look at how I am, a prime example of how your children will grow up living in Central Illinois. Unless you’re rich. That’s the next neighbourhood over.
by TheSpaz September 10, 2005
A state consisting of Chicago and Southern Illinois. The true Southern Illinoisans (located south of I-64) are constantly disputing whether the S in southern should be capitalized or not.
I grew up in Illinois.
by ~Tonya May 21, 2005
1. A State in the Midwest.
2. An amazing piece of music by the artist Sufjan Stevens. Recently Amazon.com named it the best album of 2005.
"Dude, Sufjan's new album 'Illinois' is pretty orgasmic; you need to check it out."
by Bob S November 16, 2005
The home of "flatlanders" who think "cheesehead" is an insult.
Oh, man, people from Illinois are so dumb.
by Oh Just Someone January 15, 2016
A horrible state in the northern Central Plains..
Extremely corrupt politics.
A shooting, stabbing, or mugging everyday (usually in Chicago area.)
High Taxes.
Can get all four seasons in one week of time.
Horrible roadways.
Always feuding with Wisconsin.
Anyone who doesn't live there only knows about Chicago.
Anyone who does live there, pretends they don't.
"If they as you where your from don't say Illinois...say Chicago. Or better yet don't say anything at all."

If you don't like the weather in Illinois, wait a few minutes, it'll change.
by Meh217 March 31, 2011
A giant ass cornfield that surrounds Chicago.
Chicago is the only decent part of Illinois.
by TrappedInTheMidwest October 01, 2009
A place that would be a WHOLE lot fucking better if Chicago just became it's own state other than Chicago it's a good place and GUESS WHAT MOST OF WHAT CHICAGOAN'S CALL SOUTHERN ILLINOIS WHICH IS BELOW I-80 WE LIKE NEW YORK PIZZA TOO BITCHES in my town in EASTERN ILLINOIS with one of the best universities in the the Midwest we have 15 pizza joints and like one maybe two are Chicago pizza and were not REDNECKS we have electricity and indoor toilets to just saying if you didn't move here from Chicago to downstate we just hate you for many reasons like the like 15 governors you voted in were corrupt and the like 5 that are in prison thanks
You live in Chicago.
No i live in Charleston.
Is that part of Chicago.
No its part of Illinois.

You sure?
by Lordnikon97 January 22, 2012

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