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A.K.A ilHaAn iHsHAn basHir kABir
A.K.A. the bane of all straight

A creature taht has been attacked a total of 3 times, once every 7 years of its life (currently age 13). Claims to be Shaitan's (muslim devil) headcase. Remembers incidents since it was in the womb. If come in contact with female --female die horribly, just tragically......like i mean atrocious.

If you suddenly find yourself instantly (perhaps magically?) separated from members of the opposite sex, ilhaan is present. Run.

Unanimosity -- book that ilhaan write all you need to know is that the major twist in the otherwise awful plot is that all of space suddenly turns into water. yes H2O.

by Unanimosity July 12, 2009

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