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A seaside town with beautiful harbour, on the North coast of Devon. Busy with tourists and full of local charm. I enjoy many holidays here and its the friendly faces that make me feel welcome.
Ilfracombe has such a quaint postcard appearence
by Lillypool68 February 04, 2011
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A beatiful town on the edge of England, populated by a lot of OAPs and families, it's a lovely place for a holiday
by The man of doom May 01, 2011
A spot on the arse of England, populated by the roughest bunch of scratters & chavs you could ever wish to meet. Every evening all you can hear is the sound of punch-ups, and peoples heads being put through shop windows. Also the dog-shit capital of Europe, where a walk down any pavement becomes a game of hopscotch.
(Ilfracombe is) the seaside town that they forgot to bomb. Come, come, come, nuclear bomb! - Morrissey, Everyday Is Like Sunday
by Stankypoo March 07, 2008

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