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Unbelievably sexy goalkeeper for the Spanish national team and Real Madrid. AKA, the best goalkeeper in the world.
The only reason I watch Real games is because that Iker Casillas is hella fine.
by Francesca17 July 11, 2008
Best goal keeper in the entire world. He's no gay fag.
Did you see Iker Casillas stop that shot!?
by mrscarecrow July 11, 2010
one and only Iker Casillas, the Greatest goalkeeper who ever lived. a legend. apart from his football. he is most modest and humble with people. very gentle and social. a family man, curteous, will talk to you for hours about nothing and keeps you entertained. very caring and likes to please others. he is spanish by every mean and therefore ladies should stay away unless they know how to handle a don juan de marco. his charm is irresistible and will hypnotiz you with his percing eyes and gentle touch. he is also a hardcore romantic therefore he knows every way to allure a woman and make her fall head-over heel for him. one of the coolest things about him is that when he walks into a room he'll get all the attention and respect. and why not he is close to perfect :)
Person 1: I met this guy today i am amazed by him. i never been treated so right. he is the greatest guy i ever met.

Person 2: you met Iker Casillas! ahh lucky you!

person 1: yes God must love me :)
by imjustsayingthetruth September 23, 2011
a word sometimes used to describe gay people.
Hey look at those two iker casillas' over there getting all gay with each other lol
by Omni1231415 August 25, 2008
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