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Yes, IKEA is a "large Swedish-based furniture store that sells modern-styled furniture."

The stuff looks really good, but it's actually really poor quality. Most IKEA furniture is overpriced and it falls apart in a couple of months.
IKEA's furniture looks good but the quality sucks ass.
by *zodiac December 26, 2006
22 35
Ikea The New Place of Worship.
10 Years ago Sunday was for Chapel Now Sunday is IKEA Day.............
by CrazyJedi April 03, 2005
26 51
When a guy has no experience in relationships and is a "fixer upper." He needs a lot of work and remodeling, so he's an "Ikea."
I've dated enough to know that I don't do "Ikeas."
by AprilVirage January 03, 2006
14 46