When you are hanging out with a girl and she won't allow the "dutch oven", simply con her inside a walk-in closet, shut the door, hold her, and let it rip.
She had issues with me giving her a dutch over, so I took her to IKEA then broke up with her.
by Jet Set Scott October 06, 2010
A furniture shop you go to, only to go back again the following week to get the small piece of plastic that was missing from the box when you tried to put your furntiure together.
Person A - I went to IKEA yesterday
Perdon B - When you go back next week, can you pick up a catalogue for me.
by Footybear February 03, 2010
A furniture which started in sweden. Americans think it has high class furniture that is trendy and fashinable. But it Sweden Ikea is like buy furniture from target
Lady- Hey the couch looks nice, where did you get it?

Other lady- Oh i got it from Ikea.

Lady- Oh ya how much did you pay for that P.O.S.
by Daniel Becklund September 28, 2008
Somebody who seems to find some use for every useless thing sold at Ikea, a furniture store.
"Tom! Don't You think the FLARSEKAD would look great in my office? I really need a chrome paperweight."
"Dammit Honey. You're such an Ikea."
by AlexFinkz November 28, 2008
Funiture place to get swedish funiture that is trendy but doesnt last a long time because it eventually breaks but the good part is at the end you can eat some $0.50 hotdogs with flys next to the soda machine
Hey lets go to ikea they have those $50.00 cent hotdogs mad out of swedish crap
by Andre1981 March 14, 2007
The nastiest sex position known to man. Originating in Sweden, it requires at least 3 men and all must be extremely flexible. In fact, it takes people several days to recover from it.
We started off with Kaitlyn pulling the train, but then Justin came, so we decided to do the Ikea.
by AL2009 July 28, 2009
A huge warehouse with cheaplooking stuff for your house. ALL and I mean ALL the employees who work at Ikea hate their jobs and the huge, alone, boring atmosphere. They're usually VERY rude and think all the customers are stupid losers. How ironic it is that the stuck up ones who think so, are middle aged and havn't majored in anything useful in college, and are stuck working in retail, let alone Ikea. Try it yourself, ask for help from as many Ikea employees and see how they react to you.
One of the white, old lesbian looking chicks was racsist against me and my father when we were one of the hundreds of people who could work the self-checkout crap.

I wrote letters to Ikea headquarters saying how horrible the customer service is and how mean the employees are, but they never responded.
by Katie Chen December 09, 2006

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