A giant maze with furniture inside it.
guy1- Man I got lost in ikea last, i had to find the bedroom section and sleep there for the night.
by jjmchobo May 09, 2011
A large furniture store that sells affordable Swedish crap.
John: One of the legs from that table I bought at IKEA broke today.
Juan: Meh, it cost only $15, and you got a year out of it.
by Jrayk December 20, 2006
noun. A very big and boring store, where you will spend more than 10% of your day if you travel with a felmale. Apparently, they love the store and everything from it. For the rest of us, it's a living hell: Babies spend their time in a prison called small-land, where they get pelted by big plasic balls. Teens, are stuck with their parents, or will wander off, leading to a 10 hour search expedition. And Men have to agree with everything in order to get out in two hours (if they are lucky) and watch their wallet grow empty.
In addition, there is the food court, which sells disgusting swedish food-crap-like-ummm...-food.
I want to get out of IKEA ASAP!
by IKEAHATER February 26, 2005
Swedish word for particle board.

Also The name of a furniture store that sells junk.
I just got a shelf made out of particle board from IKEA it came in a flat box and was in a thousand pieces, it took me an hour to put the damn thing together but at least it lasted two weeks.
by paulgar December 22, 2008
a store.

a furnature store.

a swedish furnature store.

-most things are cheap!

-the hot dogs are 50 cents.

-ice cream is good

-a lot of attractive people

2 bad things about the store:

-everything comes in 3 colors: blue, yellow and green. (sometimes red.)

-you have to put it all together (which can take from 2 minutes to 3 years)
"I am so bored."
"Let's go to IKEA and hang out"
"OK, but I only have 1 dollar"
"that will buy you two hot dogs"
"ok, let's go"
by dontdothattwice May 19, 2009
IKEA is a maze.
by sunnnnnnnyy January 06, 2013
A magical place with cheep food, dragons, unicorns, and amazingly comfortable furniture.
Guy 1: Dude wanna go to Ikea?
Guy 2: Yeah bro! That place is the shit!
by zoecandeffine September 25, 2011

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