the action of being forcefully punched, slapped,choked, thrashed, kicked, etc....

Derives from now deceased rock and roll icon Ike Turners abusive behavior...
Girl: hi 911 I need the police

911 Operator: what's the problem?

Girl: my boyfriend just iked me!

911 operator: police are in route
by Lovelyladydee1987 December 08, 2009
To cause physical harm and/or bodily injury to your spouse. Otherwise known as spousal abuse. Origin: Ike Turner. To smack your bitch up.
"My bitch didnt wanna fix me sumthin to eat so I iked the shit outa her and sent her stank ass to bed."
by rhonda October 08, 2004
When you are invited to an event, confirm attendance, and then ditch at the last second.
Erich said he would show up, I guess he just ike'd us again.
by CopeBlack54 August 09, 2010
Slapped Around. Punched. Smacked up.
Named after its founder, Ike Turner, iked is a word used to describe slapping someone up. "don't make me tell you again, or you'll get iked!"
Rhymes with Biked.
by fee-oh-door June 12, 2003
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