adj. a term pseudo-intellectuals use to try and insult people they believe are inferior. Usually the so called "ignoramus" doesn't give a fuck what the person who called them that thinks.
Joe: I think you do it this way.

Jim: Oh, Joe, you're such an ignoramus. This is a much superior way to achieve these ends.

Joe:...Will you just shut the fuck up?

Jim: Um, actually, fuck means "to have sex with", so you want me to "shut the to have sex with up" haha you're such an ignoramus.

Joe: Whatever asshole, have fun on World of Warcraft.
by #1 Manwhore January 05, 2010
Someone who doesn't know something that you found out yesterday.
I can't believe that you didn't know the capital of Papua New Guinea you ignoramus!
by Stew September 16, 2004
A gay penguin.
Joe: That penguin just tried to bang me in the ass!
Bob: Yeah, he's a total ignoramus.
by Sergeant Turdwhilst September 29, 2011
Someone who is incredibly stupid and has no life.
people who are ignoramus include Directioners, Potter Heads, Gleeks, Sheeranators and anyone who crys in Titanic.

"Look! Its a pigeon!"
"OMG its Kevin!"
by Hayley987 April 30, 2012
An asshole/idiot/fucktard/stupid ass, etc.
Ignoramus, stop touching that little boy!
by Dutch May 04, 2003
#1 Someone who refuses to answer something important that you NEED to know.

#2 Someone who is an asshole/fucktard/prick/dick etc.
Answer Me You Ignoramus!
by DOMINIC IS GAY!!!!!! January 02, 2007
ignoramus-first of all, for all of us who want to spell well, it's ignoramus not ignoranus.
it means ignorant or stupid.
your mom, you, and those other people who don't know how to spell. You all fall under the ignoramus category.
by P.Sherman 42 Wallaby way Sydney October 30, 2005

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