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An Ignart is the satisfying result of "igniting" a "fart". This combustible mixture has been skillfully prepared and demonstrated for years.
If done correctly, an ignart will provide a brilliant flame that not only entertains, but will finish stinkless.
Some clothing and supervision is recommended.
maxin and relaxin?
just kickin' it perhaps...
Become Gaseous Clay and knock your friends out with a wacky manuever -
Ignite your fart!
by mcnate July 05, 2005
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Igniting a fart creating an eerie blue flamer.
I retired from the professional ignart circuit after receiving 2nd degree burns internally.
by Soyrelle July 14, 2005
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the act of sucking in air through ones anus by pushing out in "the position" then farting the air back out
When you don't have a fart, assume the position and ignart.
by Skim October 16, 2003
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