a monstrous faggot who enjoys the penis
iggy:jesus christ i love the penis
peder:go home faggot
by makooz January 06, 2013
"You're being a fucking iggy."
by J.A.Y.N.U.G July 10, 2008
Synonym for ignorant.
I like the Jurassic 5, but they seem at least 15% iggy.
by Sean Gilbertson February 16, 2004
The short trem for jarome iginla (the best damn hockey playa eva!!) 99 can sock cock
iggys way better then 99 iggys not a pussy and dosnt need others to fight 4 him iggy will do it and win the fight too
by RhapsodY April 03, 2005
1. short for ignore

2. nickname for the best hockey player Jarome Iginla.
I put that chat bitch on iggy.

Iggy is the MVP of the league.
by Kevin July 26, 2004
~definition variable~

*a name: Iggy Koopa, demented child of Bowser Koopa, forth of seven Koopa Kids, wears glasses, is demented. Iggy Hazard, demented American fiend bent on destroying the forces of world order, wears glasses, is demented. Iggy Pop, demented rock star, once wore glasses, is demented.

*slang term for a demented person (an "Iggy") - usually one who wears glasses and has some form of personality/mental disorder.

*slang term for an iguana.

*verb: to commit mayhem (to "iggy" something) or to commit acts of physical slapstick comedy (to "iggy around"), see also: Jar Jar Binks.
*Iggy Koopa was iggying around with Mario's mind.

*Iggy Hazard totally iggied five people with a GE XM-214 in 'Multi Theft Auto'.
by Iggy Hazard December 10, 2003
a super hott sex machine that kicks everyones ass at PGR2. AKA - foxey lady
Whoa man that chicks an Iggy fo shizzle.
Iggy just sucked my dick last night it was the shizzle.
by Furious Harpo May 31, 2004

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