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a nickname given for a man/woman who looks scarcely related to any type of lizard.
Woah, your such an iggy.
by jajajajajajenna August 10, 2008
2 8
"You're being a fucking iggy."
by J.A.Y.N.U.G July 10, 2008
1 7
Synonym for ignorant.
I like the Jurassic 5, but they seem at least 15% iggy.
by Sean Gilbertson February 16, 2004
7 15
The short trem for jarome iginla (the best damn hockey playa eva!!) 99 can sock cock
iggys way better then 99 iggys not a pussy and dosnt need others to fight 4 him iggy will do it and win the fight too
by RhapsodY April 03, 2005
13 22
1. short for ignore

2. nickname for the best hockey player Jarome Iginla.
I put that chat bitch on iggy.

Iggy is the MVP of the league.
by Kevin July 26, 2004
35 45
a super hott sex machine that kicks everyones ass at PGR2. AKA - foxey lady
Whoa man that chicks an Iggy fo shizzle.
Iggy just sucked my dick last night it was the shizzle.
by Furious Harpo May 31, 2004
7 20
Term used to define the best paintballer of all time.

*also used to describe pimp moves on the field.
Damn, he got 'iggied'
Oh shit, look, it's Iggy! Hurry and kiss his cleats!!!
by Iggy #9 March 16, 2004
5 19