A Robot controlled player in a multiplayer game.

From an online multi-player game called Netrek, Circa 1990+. A robotic player wuld randomly spawn into the game; with a team deagination of "I" (Independent), and usually is the 17th player (as most games are 16 human players, numbered 0-9, a-f). The next game "slot" is number 17; which is designated by the letter 'g'.

Hence, the robotic player usually has a desginatin of "Ig", and is affectionately known as "Iggy".
Damn! Iggy is on my tail.
I'll ogg iggy to get rid of him.
Dont take planets out of T mode, or you'll sic an Iggy on us!
by CWK December 16, 2003
1.The sound you make after you finish sex and nut on a chick face
2. ending of a statement
2. Yo i just won the lotto man IGGY
by Wrustare;Macintash August 24, 2009
A term used to secure one's seat on the couch or a chair. When someone must get out of their seat they must call "iggies" in order to protect it from someone taking it before they return. Similar to the 5 minute rule.
"Iggies!" Joe says to secure his seat so his friends don't take it when he has to go to the bathroom.
by Doug Cohen May 15, 2007
Shortened version of the insult 'ignorant frizz' meaning a person who is ignorant, often with frizzy bush hair.
"Jemi you iggy!"

"Look at that iggy!"

"Speak to me, you iggy!"
by billybillyohbilly February 01, 2008
To hurt one's self in an act of stupidity, either physically of emotionally. An iggy youth is usually someone destined to be an alcoholic or screw-up later in life.
Did you see that guy jump off the building for a quarter?

Yeah, that was totally iggy of him.
by I'm the real Iggy October 23, 2006
A more ignorant form of "ignant"
Adam, that was iggy.
Stop bein' so iggy dude.
by D_Mezz March 04, 2009
a nickname given for a man/woman who looks scarcely related to any type of lizard.
Woah, your such an iggy.
by jajajajajajenna August 10, 2008

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