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Iffat is usually a person with a sweet emotional pattern, shes utterly sensitive, very gifting, with a one of kind personality and character. She is the type of person that will be there for anyone who needs someone to talk to. She mostly listens to others by being judge free in their serious conversations. She helps at the best of her ability, she is somewhat mysterious... and joyful. She laughs at the jokes rather than say them. Supportive? Very. Highly beautiful and irreplaceable.
I love you Iffat!
#iffat #taffi #beauty #indian #culture
by Your Bestfriend December 13, 2013
Mean Bhuddi, someone who is unusually mean, an individual who has pleasure from other peoples misery.
A:Damn that lady is such a mean, old loser.

B:No man, she is such an Iffat.
#old #mean #faggot #grandma #grandmother #wheelchair #cane
by laffitaffi February 28, 2010
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