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The name of a great urban legend known amongst the noble Theets of the Round Table. Some say that Ien was born when the great continent of Pangea split up, some say that a great storm brought about this man, and some say that he was merely born a couple years ago as a normal human being. It is not certain exactly how this legend came out, but his origins are clear: Asia.

Known to some as "Len," this creature is only seen in the dead of night roaming around neighborhoods and making strange catcalls into the darkness. People claim that their pets have started disappearing because of this phenomenon but nothing is for certain.

He lives off the blood of innocents, and sometimes even Pot Pies if it's late enough. Many have tried to feed this creature but failed, barely making it out alive as he hisses and chases them away from the basement in which he dwells. Not many have seen this elusive Ien, but many have tried.

Some even go as far to say that he only exists as a shadow, a mere whisper during the night. Nothing is certain about this Ien, except that he is attracted to scary things, and most importantly, you.

National Ien Awareness Month is June. Spread the warning to your loved ones.
1: Did you hear that? I think I heard something in the bushes...
2: Don't worry, it's just Ien.
by KellyPheonix April 14, 2011
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