Saying "I'm the Hoe." in slang.
Yo man, Idaho. Maybe u-da-ho.
by sasmae. May 27, 2009

Esteban: God, Brittany, you're such a slut.
Brittany: You're a hoe!
Esteban: Idaho? No, YOU DA HOE!
by Pete Jonesbeezzzzy April 11, 2009
A word don vito used when he was on one of his jibberish rampages. It possably means "I don't know".
bluullsthit bam goddamn fulcan morons. Idaho whathe hell sgoin onherda.
by Valo November 19, 2004
Something crap, shotty, badly put together. From an episode of "The Simpsons", wherein Ralph Wiggum comes in a costume dressed as Idaho, which is essentially two matresses stuck to him in the shape of the state of Idaho. Ralph and Lisa win an award for having absolutely no help from their parents (ie the crappiest costumes). Ralph says "I'm Idaho".
You go out to dinner, and the food tastes terrible: "This food is Idaho"
by I'm Idaho August 06, 2008
adjective for those 14 year old wanna be pop stars,who enjoy being called a hoe.i da ho
IDAHO!!!!!!!!!!!!(preppy girl voice)
by calcy December 27, 2007
A state where boredom would eat away at people like cancer. That is, if you're not a hick.
What a suck-ass state
by Kyle February 10, 2005
ghetto for "I'm the hoe."
"Is it Idaho or Udaho?"
"Definitely Idaho girl, Udaprude."
by Nick D February 27, 2003

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