only state named after sarah palin
sarah palin don't much like idaho cuz there ain't much moose huntin
by markincorsicana September 07, 2009
alot of potatoes, but thats not all. idahos city's are very clean and very nice. which most of idahos 1 million ppl live, the rest do live out in the country and DO grow the best potatoes on earth and we idahoans and dang proud of them! its also a place were the phrase "O my heck" and "what the Heck" are used very frequently, 30% drunken rednecks 40% drunken mexicans 30%plain old white ppl who live in an aweosome state, that cought a bad rep because the mexicans aren't that friendly. also the residenst cannot go to another state and tell people thier from idaho withought hearing the same "idaho! NO UDAHO!!!!" every single time.
" i went to idaho and got beat up by a gang of mexicans" "the town seemed real nice tho, HUGE potatoes! tasted like heaven"
by clark August 22, 2004
The reason that there were only 49 entrants in the "Miss Ebonics USA" pageant. No contestant wanted to wear a ribbon across her torso that said "I da ho".
You showing yo' sef on the webcam, and you think Idaho?
by Scrivener June 28, 2007
Saying "I'm the Hoe." in slang.
Yo man, Idaho. Maybe u-da-ho.
by sasmae. May 27, 2009

Esteban: God, Brittany, you're such a slut.
Brittany: You're a hoe!
Esteban: Idaho? No, YOU DA HOE!
by Pete Jonesbeezzzzy April 11, 2009
A word don vito used when he was on one of his jibberish rampages. It possably means "I don't know".
bluullsthit bam goddamn fulcan morons. Idaho whathe hell sgoin onherda.
by Valo November 19, 2004
Something crap, shotty, badly put together. From an episode of "The Simpsons", wherein Ralph Wiggum comes in a costume dressed as Idaho, which is essentially two matresses stuck to him in the shape of the state of Idaho. Ralph and Lisa win an award for having absolutely no help from their parents (ie the crappiest costumes). Ralph says "I'm Idaho".
You go out to dinner, and the food tastes terrible: "This food is Idaho"
by I'm Idaho August 06, 2008
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