Can mean 1 of 2 things depending on context: 1. The 43rd state to join the union. 2. I am the ho.
You really da ho. Yup Idaho.
by drewvader1009 July 21, 2015
The state that no one gives a fuck about
Hello, yes, unfortunately I'm from Idaho, nice to meet you.
by k........ May 29, 2015
Idaho? No Udaho
You guys understand. There is no need for an example

by Phil shats November 16, 2011
The area of exposed chest between a lady's booby parts.
Josh isn't coming out tonight. He's lost in Diana's own private Idaho.
by Thehourofthewolf March 04, 2012
place where every asshole in the world who have never been to idaho says they grow potatos and thats it. listen bitch i live in idaho and i havent seen 1 fucking potato farm so all u guys who think of idaho whenever somebody says potato go get anally ass fucked by your dad mexican marmalade style
if you still compare idaho to a potato by now you can go royally shoot your fucking head off
by get the fuck outta my grill February 22, 2005

(if you dont get this say iado to your self very slowly)
" I dont think Angela is a hoe but Idaho.
by Bitch Aint Got No Class April 30, 2011
.........No, you da hoe
pretty funny huh?

IDAHO (there.....i found a loophole)
by seweverting March 08, 2011
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