Used to describe something cool/awesome.

Also means cold.

Also, it means to be wide awake.
Girl 1: Look at my new shoes!
Girl 2: That's icy!

Guy 1: dude you know who is not icy?
Guy 2: Who?
Guy 1: Edward Cullen
Guy 2: True dat

Person 1: My fingers are so icy! They're gonna get frost


Random Hobo: I just woke up from my nap and man, i'm icy!
by xTheTrendsetterx October 24, 2009
meaning cool usually describing a male
"man isn't he looking pretty icy tonight"
by Jessio March 07, 2009
having lots of ice.
Damn- MC Tofu Nygga C-SlaxXx be one icy playa- I can't see for all the gleam gleam...
by Hugh Jass February 07, 2003
cool, hot of the hook
(your slow if you can't pronouce it)
I -see
by DeShawn December 10, 2003
This is a direct synonym of "cool."
Oh my gosh, Brad Pitt's face is ohhh so icy!
by Assy and Trashley December 26, 2004
The greatest person in the world
by IcY June 10, 2003
To have loads of bling on
Look at that fine-ass nigga, he is so icy!
by Aleze September 18, 2005

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