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The result of having sexual intercourse with an eskimo who has an icy vagina due to many years living in the icy terrain. Blubber forms around the pussy causing a disease known to eskimos as "ning nongkon" or blubber pussy roughly translated.

This act is also a fetish for a prominant number of American citizens who enjoy frost bitten crotches, mouths resembling "meth mouth", and asian/native american looking women.
Bret- I had the best icy blubber pussy last night!
Kyle- Score! Did it smell?
Bret- Not bad at first, but near the end all the friction had warmed it up to smell like tuna salad in July.
Kyle- MMM... Man, you got so lucky.
Bret- You don't even know, I even blew my load all over her squinty eyes and brown teeth.
Kyle- Man she must be one nasty eskimo.
Bret- Well she's still in the icebox if you want a turn.
Kyle- Definitely! (High Five).
by thecoldcrusader February 09, 2011
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