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Formed by the joining of the first four letters in Ichigo Kurosaki's name as well as the last three letter's in Rukia Kuchiki's name. Also known as IchiRuki, IchiKia is the most popular pairing in Bleach. The name IchiKia originated from and IchiRuki fan known as strawberrykingpeachqueen. Who has been known to revolutionize Bleach shipping and shoot down IchiHime arguments with logic. IchiKia tags were created to help IchiRuki shippers escape from IchiHime stupidity.
IchiHime Fan: Let's fuck with those lame IchiRuki shippers today
IchiRuki Fan: Oh boy they're coming again, lets go to the IchiKia tag so we don't have to deal with their bullshit
IchiHime Fan: Everyone knows Ichigo will choose Orihime because Ichigo totally loves Orihime back. He protects her, and he's kind to her so he definitely loves her!
IchiRuki Fan: Ichigo protects all his friends and family and he's kind to all of them. Orihime is no different than Chad or Uryu to Ichigo. Yet Kubo says that Ichigo and Rukia are "More than friends but less than lovers".
IchiHime Fan: ........
IchiRuki: Go re-read the manga. Maybe you'll learn more. *leaves to the IchiKia tag*
by snowstorm May 03, 2013
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