An awesomely inventive and original movie directed by Takashi Miike. Funny, shocking and cool as hell.
Hated by people with no sense of humour who are probably Christian and big fans of Hollywood bullshit.
"Holy shit, Ichi the killer is awesome."
"Yeah dude, show me the part where the guys face slides down the wall."
by Andy Surf July 02, 2006
Top Definition
aka Koroshiya 1

Badass japanese movie by Takashi Miike.

Features the most deranged dellusional psycho-killer-in-a-crappy-costume-who-kills-those-who-make-him-cry-and-cums-his-pant-in-the-process, and Kakihara, a stylish and dangerous extreme masochist yakuza leader.

This awesome flick is mostly known for its graphic and inventive torure scenes and bizzare characters.
Ichi The Killer is a very romantic movie, watch it with your significant other, and yes, don't forget to eat before you watch it.
by Kiriyama Kazuo January 24, 2004
Japanese movie. One of the best movies I have ever seen. The boss of the Anjo gang is killed by Ichi, a mentally disturbed killer who kills with foot razors. He is directed to kill "bullies" by an old man known as Jijji. When the boss goes missing, one of the gang members Kakihara, a masochist who liked it when the boss beat him, arranges a search for the boss. Torture and such ensues. Based off of a Manga. Also has an anime. ALso known as Koroshya 1.
I wouldn't reccomend Ichi the Killer to rascists or closed-minded teeny boppers. But I would reccomend it to the smarter people.
by horror_blood June 10, 2004
An unnecessarily violent movie for people who lack morality and cannot function properly in society. Scenes of rape, torture and extreme violence ensure that this movie will only be enjoyed by those elements of society that need to be destroyed.
"That scene in ichi the killer where that prostitute is tortured, has her nipples cut off and is then killed didn't bother me at all because I was raised by serial killer."
by Bagshot April 18, 2006
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