A lame griefer from Earth and Betond, who does nothing but grief people, and should burn in hell.
Icesong is a griefer.
by Hater October 03, 2003
Top Definition
Icesong was a player from Earth and Beyond, who's dark sense of humor got him banned.
However some people say they've seen him flying around as of late, could Icesong return to Earth and Beyond? One thing is certain, if he ever came back the Nazis would vanish forever. In Icesong we trust.
by Orion November 18, 2003
The one we've all heard stories about. He's like the guy with the guitar case full of guns...
Icesong did WHAT?! lolololololololol!
by Xenophobiac December 11, 2003
Someone who is very amused that they made it into Urban Dictionary.
Icesong is watching you.
by Icesong November 17, 2003
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