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The phrase "Iced Tea Faggot" was originated in a "Faggot War" between two individuals on the popular Voice Over IP program called Ventrilo. The battle consisted of many household items with "Faggot" as a suffix to all items listed. "Iced Tea Faggot" was dropped like the A-Bomb on Nagasaki, and the victim was and will forever be subjected to ridicule as being the first Iced Tea Faggot within the known Universe.

- A faggot that ventures beyond all gayness and faggotry, surpassing both time and space.

- Also used to describe an individual who orders Iced Tea at every meal or listens to the rapper Ice T.
Person 1: I found my old CD's the other day, and decided we'd listen to ICE T in the car today.
Person 2: ICE T FAGGOT!

Person 1: I bought this really cool man purse the other day, it goes really well with these Pumas.
Person 2: ICED TEA FAGGOT!!!!

Waiter: What would you like to drink sir?
Person 1: I'll take an Iced Tea please.
Person 2: ICED TEA FAGGOT!!!

Iced Tea Faggot may also be shortened down to "Iced Tea" if used on a regular basis.
by Mr. Bad April 13, 2008
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