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A local whore willing to go try many different 'flavours' of both the mouth and lower region variety whilst attmepting to keep their reputation as an honest gal intact.
"I can't believe she got with all those guys" "I know what total slut" "Icecream slut, she went the full multi-cultral extravaganza"
by DC1E2L February 05, 2010
A term of endearment, often used in some truth. A person who likes many different kinds of ice cream.
Person 1: You are so stupid!
Person 2: Well, you are an ice cream slut!
Person 1: I know, right? I like chocolate, and vanilla, and strawberrry...
Person 2: Shut up. Wanna catch a movie later?
by ¡meh! July 06, 2008
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